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Schoenly Happenings


Next for our blog feature is Miss Cassidy’s first grade class! What an exciting spring it has been for our Schoenly first graders. According to Miss Cassidy, the fun has only just begun!

In our classroom, we are currently learning how to tell time. Everyone loves playing "Around the World" to test their time telling abilities against their peers! We are also practicing consonant blends in Fundations and we’re excited to find blends inside of words! We are also reading daily to become the best readers we can be! In Science, we are learning all about the Rainforest. We love learning about the different layers and guessing which animals live in them!

Miss Cassidy loves how each and every student adds something special to the class. This year we have baseball players, soccer players, video gamers, and even musicians! Our class always shares the things we love with each other. Another extra special thing is that our class shares the same love for music and dancing as our teacher! Sometimes, we unwind and pack up at the end of the day to some good music!

We also LOVE Gonoodle. We do one daily as a brain break! Also, we love playing Sparkle to test their spelling abilities.

The end of the year will be an exciting time! We have Rainforest Day, our Spring Concert, a field trip to Jenkinson's Aquarium, and Appleby School to see our next new home! Each day is more exciting than the next because of all the different events we have.

Our third blog entry comes from Ms. Somers’ Preschool class. These preschoolers can’t wait to tell you all about their class!

As we return from Spring break, our class will be sharing adventures of our "peeps" we took home over vacation. We can't wait to hear or see where the peep went with each family. We will then share the latest addition of "Spring Break News". We love sharing our home family and our school families together!

We will fly into letter A this week by becoming Astronauts and head into space. While in space, of course we run into Aliens .... who love underpants, so we will be making Aliens in Underpants after all it is one of our favorite books. We then travel back to earth to learn about ants and alligators. This class loves our themes and the centers! It reaches all areas of learning math, science, literacy, music and technology.

This class loves play planning! The children can't wait to become a veterinarian or the dog groomer to take care of the pets. They are making pet treats in the pet bakery, teaching them tricks in obedience school, adopting a pet from the shelter and loving all the pets in their care. They can't wait to get into action with this month's theme!

Our class is so special because they care so much about others. If one is sad, someone is there to give them a smile. When someone is absent, they ask where they are. Their care and concern for each other is genuine and sincere. The students are happy to come to school, love to learn new things and always ready with a smile! We are so blessed with this amazing group of young learners!

Our class cannot wait until Spring actually arrives! We love playing outside in the sun getting fresh air, hearing the birds chirp and playing with their other preschool class friends!
Welcome to blog entry number two! Team Silvers just can’t wait to tell you all that is going on in their classroom…

February was an exciting month for Team Silvers. This enthusiastic and energetic Kindergarten class just loves learning! Did you know that February 14, 2018 marked our 100th Day of School? Team Silvers wrote all about what they couldn’t do 100 days ago… and can do now! This team has been very busy! They also enjoyed some awesome “100” themed learning centers with the other Kindergarteners. They constructed a paper pizza with 100 toppings, stacked 100 cups, and learned that 100 pennies make a dollar.

Aside from all those 100th Day of School activities, Team Silvers also celebrated Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. They learned many interesting facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They are also completing subtraction activities during math centers using dice, whiteboards, and football games.

These fantastic students just love being a part of their special team - Team Silvers! They love working together and helping out friends. The most important lesson they have learned so far this year is that kindness counts.

Coming soon… Team Silvers is planning to share special writing pieces with us… they can’t wait to be authors this spring!


Welcome to the official Schoenly School blog! Here we will be featuring the learning and achievements that are occuring in each of our classrooms. Our first class feature is… Hyland Happenings! Let’s see what the fantastic first graders in Mrs. Hyland’s class have been up to.

Room 12 is buzzing with excitement and we are all happy to be back at school after our holiday break. We are currently discussing what a New Year's resolution is and creating some of our own resolutions.  Many of the children feel that they would like to be nicer to friends and family, clean their room more often, and work harder in school.  We are all going to try to stick to our resolutions this year.  

Our class is now bridging the gap between fiction and nonfiction books.  We are currently learning about Martin Luther King Jr.  Shortly, we will be Martin Luther King, Jr. experts, and we would love to share our knowledge with all of you. Through this great man, we are learning that we should be kind to everyone even if they do not look or sound like us.  We are discovering that everyone is uniquely different and it is our differences that make us special, interesting, and fun to be with.  We have also discovered that we should welcome diversity since the world would be a very dull and boring place if we were all the same.  

Our class has also become amazing readers and writers.  We are becoming more and more creative with each story we write.  Some of our favorite writing topics are about our families or superheroes.  Our authors love reading their stories to their friends in class and placing it in our class library for all to read.  

Science is one of our favorite subjects.  Currently our unit is all about “Sound and Light”.  We have learned that something must vibrate for us to hear a sound. The experiments we do in class are very hands on and exciting.  Science is frequently the highlight of our day.    

Keep up the great work, Room 12! Check this page regularly for new blog entries…