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G. Austin Schoenly School

Dawn Hyland

Hi!  My name is Dawn Hyland.  I am a first grade teacher at Schoenly School. Teaching has always been a passion of mine.  I love watching the excitement in my children's eyes as they learn and explore new ideas and topics. Schoenly is really The Little School With the Big Heart, and I am sure you and your child will love the time spent in our home away from home.

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 March 6, 2020 


I have received all our permission slips for our  trip to the State Theater on March 16th.  If you have not done so already, please send in the library permission slip so your child can attend our trip to the Spotswood Library.  
Please check your child's folder to see an important announcement about Strega Nona Day.  If you are able to contribute items, please log on to our sign up genius page and if you are able to volunteer, please fill out the form and return as soon as possible. Thank you!!! 
Scholastic book order forms went home last week.  If you are interested in ordering a book please either send in the form with a check or order online using the code

L k 8 4 W.




Red Folder homework will begin this Wednesday.  Please have your child read the book, complete the book report and log the book on the reading log in the folder.  Please return the folder and everything in it the next day.  



Hello everyone,  



Please sign up for text notifications about class happenings from our room parents:  Text the message @bck6bd   to the number 81010   



Homework will be sent home every Tuesday and Thursday. 



I am very excited to be sharing this year with you and your child.  I know we will have a wonderful year together.  This web-page will hopefully help you stay informed about what your child is learning and upcoming events in our class or school.  I usually try to update it on a weekly basis. 


School begins promptly at 8:35.  Please try to get your child to class on time. 



Monday:        9:30-10:15 Art

Tuesday        8:45-9:15 Library (Please return books each week)

Tuesday:       9:30-10:15 Music

Wednesday  9:30-10:15 Physical Education (Please wear sneakers)

Thursday      8:45 - 9:30 Physical Education (Please wear sneakers)

Friday         11:00-11:45  Physical Education (Please wear sneakers)

A form will be been sent home with your child asking if you would like to be board approved.  It is my recommendation that everyone become board approved.  You WILL NOT be able to come into our class unless you are board approved.  At the moment, you must resubmit your paperwork to become board approved even if you were approved in the past.  Please sign and return the form even if you do not think you will be coming in or for any family member that might want to come in for any special class events.   

**** Please remember to read, read, read with your child.  It is important to read both fiction and non-fiction books.  It is also extremely important to have your child retell the story.  After your child reads with you, please ask them if they can make any connections to the book they are reading.  This means ask them if this story reminds them of something that happened to them/friend or family member or a book they read.  Also, it is important to have the children infer or think about things that are implied in the story but not actually stated for example, how do you think the character felt?  What made you think that?  Also, ask your child,  what do you think the character should have done differently to get a different outcome or how did the character's thinking change over the course of the book?  I realize we are expecting a lot out of our little ones but this is what we expect them to do when we give them a reading assessment and the children usually do very well with this if it is practiced frequently.  In this case the expression "practice makes perfect" certainly applies since it is something that improves with practice.

Please sign onto our new alert system for school information. This is a wonderful service that gives you all school information even if your child does not bring the papers home. Please register for this service from our main school page.  If you have any questions about getting school or district alerts, please contact the office. 

The children will have homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please make sure they hand it in the following day. Your child will also begin to bring home a red folder with a copy of  an appropriate leveled reading book in it at least once per week usually on a Wednesday.  When you see this folder come home with your child, please have them read the book in it to you and then add it to their Reading Log.    Please return the book and the folder the following day.  Please complete the report form that is sent home with the book too. This book may be used for their weekly reading log.  I will notify you when red folder homework will begin.  It will probably start around the middle of October. 

Scholastic books -  order forms will go home with your child shortly. If you are interested in ordering good books at an affordable price Scholastic is a good place to get your books from. In addition to getting a good price on books, the children are all very excited when they receive their new books in class. While cash is accepted with book purchases, I prefer a check made out to Scholastic.   If you would like to order books on-line, my code is L k 8 4 W.

Please pack your child a small healthy snack daily. Your child may purchase snack and lunch milk.   

Please remember that we will not have our daily snack on days when we have a delayed opening.  On days when we have a delay, please give your child a healthy breakfast before he/she comes to school.

Lunch menus - If you plan on having your child buy school lunch, please view and print the school lunch menu off the district web-site.  If you do not have access to a computer please let me know and I will send one home.


Please have your child read a minimum of 20 minutes every night including weekends.  Your child should be able to give you a detailed retelling about the books he/she is reading including characters, setting and the problem in the story. It is exceptionally important for you to read each night with your child so they can practice the reading skills learned in class.  Your child’s reading success depends on how frequently he/she reads with you at home. New readers may use their fingers to help them track words and not lose their place.  If your child is advanced enough to read without their finger please let them do so.  It would also be helpful to your child if you used the same reading strategies and terms that we use in class while reading with your child. 

If your child comes across a word they don’t know while reading, please try the following strategies:

  1. Ask your child what they think the word should be. What would make sense in this story? What would you say if you were the character?
  2. When your child gives you a word, ask them if that word sounds right. If the sentence is: This does not make sense. and your child reads This do not make sense. they should realize that the word they chose does not sound right in the sentence and try a new word
  3. If your child still can’t figure out the word, ask them to re-read the sentence replacing the unknown word with the sound and continue reading the sentence. Frequently when your child does this, they will say, “Oh, I think it’s ______.”
  4. If your child still does not know the word, just smile at them and tell them the word. After you tell them the word ask them to re-read the sentence to reinforce the word you just told them.  



Your child will be writing every day in class. It would be extremely helpful if you discussed a topic or idea each morning before school with your child to help them think of something to write about. The children will begin writing with their “ear-spelling” and then should slowly progress to more conventional spelling as the year progresses. We will begin the year with journal writing and then progress to various stories. 



We use the Go Math program for math.   


Unit 1:  Addition 

We have been working on joining numbers together (addition).  Students are learning that dots, can serve as a visual picture to help them add numbers. 


Unit 2:  Subtraction 


Unit 3 - We are learning that there are different ways to add, we can use the bang and count on method, the doubles + or minus 1 method or the make a ten method using a ten frame method.  


Unit 4 - Addition and subtraction work together.  If 10 - 3 = 7, then 7+3 = 10 


Unit 5 - We are learning about related fact families. 

If you know 2 numbers, you can figure out the 3rd (ex:  2+3=5 ,  3+2=5,  5-2=3, 5-3=2.  We learned that we can use addition to proof our subtraction problems and subtraction to proof our addition problems. 


Unit 7 - We are now learning about base 10 (sticks and circles) and more than >, less than < , equal to =. 



We are now beginning our Sound and light Science Unit.  Your child should know that sound is caused by vibrations. 


Air & Weather - We have been learning about the weather and the instruments meteorologists use to predict the weather.

Ask your child what tools the weatherman uses to tell the weather.  They can hopefully discuss a thermometer, anemometer, Rain Gage.   They should also be able to tell you that there are three types of clouds:  Cumulus - look like cotton balls, cirrus - wispy clouds very high up in the sky and status clouds or rain clouds.  We also learned that wind

makes clouds move.  



Social Studies: We are learning about Abraham Lincoln