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About our School

Dear Parents:
Welcome to Preschool at G. Austin Schoenly School. Preschool is a wonderful beginning to your child's school experience. Your child will be engaged in many different educational activities that promote lifelong learning. They will experience many new things and make many new friends. We will foster your child's intellectual, emotional and physical needs. Your child is special to you, and to us, and we look forward to forming a relationship with you both as the year progresses. 

A Day in the Life of Preschool

  • Children begin the day by solving a Mystery Question
  • Students gather together for Opening Group to engage in activities:
    • Songs and Fingerplays
    • Calendar and Days of the Week
    • Weather Graphing
    • Pledge of Allegience
    • Morning Message
  • Throughout the day, children engage in attention focusing, community building, and self-regulation activities.
  • Children engage in make-believe play where they plan, draw, and write where they are going to play.
  • Children do buddy reading and graphic practice activities
  • Students engage in small group or partnered math and science activities.
  • Children will be introduced to letters of the alphabet
  • Children will rest, eat a snack, play outside and engage in free play.
  • Children will take part in dance and movement activities. 
The classroom is divided into various centers. Each center will be designed around monthly central themes that will encourage vocabulary and life experiences. These themes will consist of, but are not limited to, Home, Farm, Hospital, Pets, Restaurant, Community, Zoo, and School.
These themes will help students "experience" the world around them. Through the Tools of the Mind Curriculum we aim to give the children valuable skills that will help them progress socially, emotionally, and academically.